downloadThere have been some interesting developments in Pasco County since my last post months ago. Most recently, there have been dozens of articles highlighting some good and bad things in our schools. Accountability seems to be the new buzzword which was spawned in private industry years ago. And yes, the notion of a metric-driven workplace has arrived in Pasco via the TNTP (founded by Michelle Rhee) study conducted last school year. Mr. Browning has promoted the use of “score cards” to increase the level of accountability in schools.

Beth Brown, a Regional Superintendent, recently retired replaced by Tammy Berryhill. Ray Gadd stated the “she will hold them accountable,” referring to Berryhill. The Florida Association of Superintendents is questioning their continued support of Florida’s accountability model. Is accountability turning into bullying by policy? The answer is yes. The top brass have surrounded themselves with policies that insulate them from accountability.

The Harvard Business Review recently published 3 Things Managers Should Be Doing Every Day. The three actions are: Building Trust, Building a Real Team and Managing Through it, and Building a Network. While it may appear to some that the top brass in Pasco Schools have tried to use this model, in reality they continue to miss the trust component. There is no trust.

Gradebook had an interesting article focused on the strained relationship beween Kenny Blankenship and Kurt Browning. Browning reportedly wrote, “It is apparent that you are missing most of what transpired, but I can tell you that you are misguided at best and dishonest at worst regarding most of what you have written.” Who is holding Who Accountable?

This is a perfect example of our dysfunctional relationship with work email. It seems that Browning and Blankenship feel that this is a normal exchange of email and this should be alarming for the public.   The article in full can be found here: http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/gradebook/pasco-county-superintendent-union-chief-again-at-odds/2246744

Unfortunately, Browning has an enormous ego and this sets the example for how employees may respond to parents and coworkers. The true colors of the Pasco workplace are quickly emerging and squelching the voices of those entrenched and ultimately, the students. It is the Pasco Way or No Way. It is fair to say that if the Pasco School System were a private business, it would have been defunct years ago. The systemic changes the top brass is promoting will continue to constrict the small amount of oxygen remaining in the schools and classrooms.

Ray Gadd recently acknowledged that he did not care about employees. He made a weak attempt to patch up his revelation and failed. Pasco leadership has succumbed to metrics and does not care about staff or students. They say they do, but really only care about the grade on the scorecard. Metrics do not readily acknowledge the people component of schools, employees, and students, yet the Gallup Survey is focused on how people feel. The unique situation school folks are in is balancing the metric with the feelings and attitudes of those in classrooms.

I want to believe that Browing is trying to create a synergistic school district, but most of it is preconceived and pushed on schools and will yield an ineffective product. Browning is radiating DILLIGAFF. Try being a parent and lodging a complaint.   Try being an employee and suggesting an improvement. Try being a student bringing an issue with a teacher to the administration. What do you get? The run-around and the DILLIGAFF look. It’s true. Have some fun Pasco employees and students. The management is misguiding you and are brainwashing you at every opportunity. Do not be duped!